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Rewatch: Sherlock 2x02

The Hounds of Baskerville
Sherlock is eerie and pale, John wears more old man clothes and the Great Grimpen Minefield lurks. John and Sherlock stroll around a top secret military base. Sherlock blue steels all over the place. John and Sherlock are so a couple.

Sherlock never seems to take his coat off. Henry Knight the eternal annoying whiner is convinced that a mutant super dog is after him. John knows Morse code. Henry Knight whines a lot and doesn’t close his curtains. Sherlock seems to be cracking up. John stumbling across the doggers is as funny as ever.

Everyone thinks John and Sherlock are a couple. John calls Sherlock “Spock” which is funny after ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. John wears the world’s ugliest anorak. Sherlock manipulates John and experiments on him with creepy intensity. There is a Maggie Thatcher fan boy, an awful CGI dog, Henry screeches a lot and there is foreshadowing of 2x03. I love this ep.

Best Lines:
“That was tedious.”
“You went on the tube like that?”
“None of the cabs would take me.”

“Perhaps you can put away your harpoon.”

“Is yours a snorer?”

“God bless Henry Knight and his monster from hell.”

“I’d have to kill you.”
“That would be tremendously ambitious of you.”

“Are you rich?”

“Look at you and John.”
“What about us?”

“Oh, you’re a bad man.”

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