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Review: Lost Season 5 Eps 1&2

Because You Left/The Lie

Ben's departure did something to the island. Daniel timetravels back to the 1970's Dharma Initiative. Jack mopes and wails: "They're not my friends anymore.". Locke sees the Nigerian drug plane crash and gets shot by Ethan. Charles Widmore shows that he needs to be beaten with a rod. Sayid isn't working for Ben anymore and can kill people with a dishwasher. Richard wears glasses and makes a wonderfully sarcastic comment about Ethan shooting Locke. Then he tells Locke he has to die.

Hurley has a vision of Ana-Lucia and gets himself arrested to get away from Ben. Sun and Kate meet and it is clear that Sun is angry. Jack shaves, Ben flushes Jack's pills, Sayid spends a prolonged amount of time unconscious and Hurley tells his mother the events of seasons 1 to 4 in about 40 seconds. Meanwhile the lostaways camp is attacked. Ben learns he only has 70 hours to get everyone back to otherisle.

This was good. So much stuff to ponder. What is Daniel doing at Dharma? Who ordered the blood tests on Aaron and Kate? Why didn't Ethan react to seeing Locke again after the crash of 815? Is there a connection between Widmore and the British soldiers? Why didn't Richard and the Others move in time? Who attacked the camp? Who are the soldiers? The Oceanic 6 are still connected, Kate, Hurly and Sayid all visit the same petrol station and just miss each other.

Best Lines:
"What's it do?"
"It points North John."

"Libby says hi."

"You're never coming back."

"You inbred!"

"Why is a dead Pakistani on my couch?"
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