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Hannibal 1x07 + Bones 8x24 Reviewed

The Ripper sees his victims as pigs according to Will. Despite being so smart Will still can’t see Lecter is the Ripper. Lecter goes to the opera, a social x-ray asks him about his dinner parties and then Lecter visits his inept shrink (Gillian Anderson of ‘The X Files’ and ‘The Fall’)

The killer of the week is an inept organ harvester (Pierre Simpson). Lecter continues to ‘Misery’ Will and hate on Jack. Lecter has a stalker. Lecter’s method of finding his victims and turning them into sausages is revealed. This was okay.

Best Line:
“It’s fairly evident the man’s dead just by looking at him.”

The Secret In The Siege
Pelant returns and he has a lair. How? Pelant has recovered from Booth shooting him in the face. How? Booth and Brennan plan to wed, Sweets will not shut up and Pelant keeps getting away with killing people. Agent Flynn is not seen or mentioned.

Brennan is strident, Pelant is insane and there is mention of Crystal Creek, a Waco like PR disaster. There is bad acting and made up computer technology. Angela is useless, Brennan insults Booth’s faith again and then Pelant blackmails Booth in the most ridiculous fashion. This was okay but nowhere near as good as other Pelant eps. Where is Flynn? Why are TPTB dragging out the B/B relationship?
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