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Book Review: Lost Souls

Star Trek Destiny: Book 3 Lost Souls by David Mack

The massive crossover/game changing trilogy comes to an end. This trilogy has been uneven and book 3 relies way too much on a Deux Ex Machina ending.

The Federation is losing the war against the Borg as planets are burnt to ashes and billions are dead. Meanwhile Picard continues to mope and brood as the author has decided he's had a case of PTSD for 10 years except nobody noticed until now. Dax continues to be smug. The 'Voyager' crew are ignored despite having more experience with the Borg than anyone else. Riker hangs around like a bad smell, Beverly who after nagging Picard into having a kid with her now exists to do nothing more than be the incubator to Picard's unborn son and Erika, well she's a big Deux Ex Machina.

The Borg were Trek's most fearsome foe and this book reveals their origins. Which to be blunt are pretty unimpressive: sparkly aliens and big dumb humans have much to answer for. The Borg origin is a letdown, the possible Borg origin as suggested in 'SCE: Wounds' was far more interesting and scary. Also the wrap up ending is too convenient and is literally a big, sparkly Deux Ex Machina.

The Trek universe is radically changed by the events of this trilogy, whether for good or ill we'll have to wait to find out to find out. Much is changed by the ending of this book and much is set up for future novels. What became of the third city? Will the new race return? What'll become of Seven of Nine? What'll become of Tuvok?

This was an okay read, not as good as Book 2. We'll have to judge the 'Destiny' trilogy on its effects on upcoming novels like 'Star Trek: A Singular Destiny', 'Star Trek Titan: Over a Torrent Sea' and 'Star Trek Voyager: Full Circle'.
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