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Hannibal 1x06 Reviewed

A nurse at a hospital for the criminally insane is left alone with family annihilator Dr Gideon (Eddie Izzard) and he kills her. The trash rag reporter Freddie claims that Gideon is the Ripper in a change from her vilification campaign against Will. Gideon claims he is the Ripper too, has someone made him believe he is?

Jack recalls how two years ago he sent trainee FBI agent Miriam Lass (Anna Chlumsky) to look for connections between the Ripper victims. He never saw her again and now someone is tormenting him with phone calls of Miriam’s last moments.

This was okay. Gideon is in the hospital where Lecter will end up someday. Lecter serves Alana Bloom ‘tongue’ and a flashback shows how Miriam connected a victim to Dr Lecter and how she made an ill-fated visit to Lecter’s office. Creepy.

Best Lines:
A scattered dozen lonely hearts seeking his hand in marriage.”
“He butchered his last wife and her family on Thanksgiving.”
“There’s no accounting for taste or intelligence.”

“I was so wrong. I was so wrong.”

“Maybe I should ask you to leave the room, while it’s still safe for you to be here.”

“Your brand of journalism is obnoxious.”
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