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Book Reviews: Trio Of Sorcery by Mercedes Lackey, part 2 + Games...

Trio Of Sorcery by Mercedes Lackey, part 2

Ghost In The Machine
A game developer discovers a glitch in a MMORPG and has to hire a techno shaman to defeat a wendigo. This is okay but is full of trying too hard gamer slang. It also bears a passing resemblance to that old Russell Crowe movie ‘Virtuality'.

Best Line:
“Things suddenly went that kind of quiet.”

Games... by Robin Klein
This Australian chiller was published in 1986 and centres on three fifteen year old girls who plan a party at a remote house in the bush. Mean girls Kirsty and Genevieve invited school outcast/desperate wannabe Patricia along just to bully her and have her do all the work.

Kirsty has broken into her absent aunt’s house for the party. But the party falls through so the trio hold a séance instead. Kirsty and Genevieve are spiteful bogans whilst Patricia is a bitter carer for her mentally ill poor mother.

Strange things start to happen, bullying is carried out and Patricia has endless self pity. There is a twist ending. This was good except for idiot behaviour being excused.

80s tropes that showed up here: cassette radio, tapes, a memo book, a hot water bottle and a electronic typewriter that costs a 1000 dollars.

Best Lines:
“You didn’t just walk into someone’s empty house and stay there uninvited for a weekend.”

“I don’t know the first thing about making fires!”
“All people do is find some dry wood and pile it up and set a match to it. Don’t tell me you’d find that too mentally taxing!”

“I don’t care who owns the wood, they can just chop some more after we’re gone.”

“That’s what all those revolting looking stains are on the walls.”

“She couldn’t have! Could she? She’d better not have...”

“It’s not likely someone will be cleaning his throat just behind you in the loo, unless Aunt Maude arranged for a plumber to drop in this weekend.”
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