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A Soldier’s Duty’ Quote:
“It’s not so bad, since they put in the new atmo-processors. Well, nobody’s come down with Tuberc-73 for a while.”

‘Two Broke Girls’ Quote:
“I will knock you to the ground!”

‘True Blood’ Quotes:
“You survive, you always do. But, goddamn, do you leave a trail of bodies behind.”

“How many of us have nearly died just to save her sorry ass?”

“What do you recommend here?”
“Honestly? Nothing.”

‘The Ghost’ Quote:
“AIDS? Poverty? Climate change? Who cares?”

‘CSI: Miami’ Quotes:
“Ew. Pasty granola hippie.”

“I hope she catches that herpes virus thing and croaks.”

“Either you stop lying to us or getting punched in the face will be the best part of your day.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:
“It’s off to prison again. You must be so psyched.”

“Something outside, trying to get in.”

‘Knock, Knock’ Quote:
“There are things that are wicked and if you touch them, they know you. They know where to find you now.”

‘The Eyes of The Dragon’ Quote:
“Once a spider skittered halfway across Flagg’s book, touched a spell so terrible not even the magician dared use it, and turned instantly to stone.”

Vanilla fudge = yum.
Swedish cucumber salad = yum.
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