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Once Upon A Time 2x04 + The Returned/Las Revenants (2012) 1x01 Reviewed

The Crocodile
A Rumpy and Belle episode, oh hell no. This was boring and full of Rumpy flashbacks to his idiot son and drunken slut wife who can‘t act. In Storybrooke, Belle nags and Rumpy lies. Then Belle is kidnapped.

Flashbacks reveal the origin of Captain Hook who wears leather and too much eyeliner. Are we supposed to care about him? He can’t act and bores. Season 2 is doing nothing for me.

This was packed with bad acting and was plodding, derivative, unsubtle and plainly stupid. Belle’s dad wants to erase her personality by sending her across the town line. Belle’s useless. The fate of Rumpy’s wife and how Hook got his hook is revealed. There is an appearance by Smee and a mention of Neverland. This was even worse that that ‘Neverland’ miniseries.

Best Lines:
“Even demons can be killed. I will find a way.”
“Well good luck living long enough.”

This subtitled French horror show was utterly crap. For a good French horror watch ‘Livid’ not this. The world’s slowest moving bus goes over a cliff and leaves 38 students dead. Four years pass and then one dead student Camille shows up in her house acting like nothing happened. Camille’s mother does not act like a normal person when her zombie daughter shows up.

I cannot take seven more eps of this, I’m done. Camille’s horrible father and bitch sister Lena and her mother’s lover show up to stare at the annoying Camille. This awful and an utter disappointment. I don’t care about the broken relationships caused by the bus crash, nobody acts like a normal person, somebody gets stabbed, somebody sets a fire and jumps off a dam. More zombies show up and a flashback shows how the dumb Camille helped cause the crash. The promo for 1x02 looks crap but I’m done. This show was an utter disappointment.

Best Line:
“Life always prevails.”
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