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Movie Reviews: Very Bad Things + Bad Attiudes

Very Bad Things (1998)
This sexist unfunny film was written and directed by Peter Berg. Bridezilla Laura (Cameron Diaz of ‘The Green Hornet’) does not want her fiancé Kyle (Jon Favreau, future director of ‘Ironman’) to have a bachelor party in Las Vegas.  But he heads off with the lunatic Boyd (Christian Slater of ‘Heathers’), the neurotic Adam (Daniel Stern), Adam’s jerkass brother Michael (Jeremy Piven) and the dim Moore (Leland Orser). Cue trouble.

People scream down huge mobile phones. Laura and Adam’s wife Lois (Jeanne Tripplehorn) are shrews. Kyle and his pals indulge in quasi profound chat, drugs, alcohol, ranting, watching UFC, smashing up the hotel room and then the stripper Tina shows up. Michael accidentally kills Tina. Boyd decides on damage control. They’ll dump poor dead Tina in the desert along with the security guard they killed when he saw Tina’s body.

Somehow they smuggle in cleaning gear, clean the room, chop up two bodies and carry them out without anyone noticing. They bury the bodies and head home. But the guys are tightly wound and have anger issues. One guy freaks out with guilt and paranoia. Someone dies via vehicular manslaughter and Boyd decides to kill more people to cover up their guilty secret. No-one thinks to question Boyd’s murder is the best solution mindset.

The survivors are hysterical and so someone else freaks out, hurls themselves on top of a coffin and more people are murdered in this murky looking film about first world problems. Kyle and Laura inherit a dead friend’s brat kids and dog. Kyle falls apart but Laura wants her perfect wedding. Or else. There is attempted murder and a twist ending. The final scene is hilarious but it does not redeem this mess.

Best Lines:
“You can’t play around with these tent people!”

“I hate you and your bitch wife!”

“The stench of cheap hotel whore sex all over them.”

“You calling me from jail?”
“Not yet.”

“You are a lying deviant.”

“The room looks like the Manson family stayed here a month.”

“You got a frigid swamp hog wife.”

“Stick him in the crapper and get your ass upstairs!”

Bad Attitudes (1991)
A couple of meddlesome kids heading for reform school steal a jet and fly off. However two bumbling terrorists are on board. Cue the ‘hilarity’! This film is a whole lot less funny in retrospect. I suppose it could be mildly amusing if you’re 15 but otherwise no.
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