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Book Review: Trio Of Sorcery by Mercedes Lackey, part 1

This is a good collection of thee urban fantasy novellas. I got this because it has a new ‘Diana Tregarde’ story in it.

Arcanum 101
This is the origin story of Diana Tregarde. It reveals how she was trained as a witch by her grandmother, her first days at Harvard, how she helped out on a kidnapping case and how she recruited the spook squad as her sidekicks. This is good but the continuity issues do bother.

Since when did Diana go to Harvard? The spook squad members don’t match up with those from later books. No Larry and no Mark. Also Diana is not a hippy. Plus Diana’s secretive attuide to magic and sneering distain for curious hippie magic users annoys.

Best Lines:
“It was seldom wise to awaken one of those old, old gods and give them a foothold in the modern world.”

“There were dark things said about the worship of the Magna Mater.”

“This is New England, and I bet not everything Lovecraft wrote about was something he made up.”

I’ve never read any previous Jennifer Talldeer stories. She’s a Medicine Woman who helps a woman in peril from a ghost. This is good even if Jennifer is a total Mary-Sue.
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