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True Blood 5x04 + The Americans 1x02&1x03 Reviewed

We’ll Meet Again
This was awful with endless yap, boring flashbacks, Jessica doing nothing of interest and Andy getting his mind messed with some more. The Authority bore, Nora snivels, fairies prance and a fairy brothel is visited. Sookie gets drunk and doesn’t listen. Tara is Tara. A noxious kid vampire is staked, Jason is told some important information about his parents and fairies attack. Watching this was like vomiting up warm coke.

The Clock
Phillip bangs a woman for the cause. The opening credits debut. The Jennings are ordered to plant a bug which leads to blackmail via a poisoned umbrella, more wigs and the kids failing to notice the parents staying out all night every night. Elizabeth vows not to be taken alive if they come for her.

Phillip gets into fights. Stan and Phillip eat some confiscated caviar with corn chips and beer. Stan menaces a worker at the USSR embassy. Everyone is an awful person. Elizabeth and Phillip then share some caviar and Elizabeth pierces Paige’s ears. Oh and the USSR learns about the planned missile shield thanks to the bug. This wasn’t good.

Best Lines:
“There’d be a whole FBI team in here not just one guy with a flashlight who thought we were asleep.”

“Let’s just try not to run into him too many times at 4 in the morning. Make him wonder what travel agents are doing up in the middle of the night.”

Stan and Phillip play racquetball, Phillip wears horrible 80s shorts and a hideous 80s vest. Stan gets information from Nina, the USSR embassy mole about ‘Robert’, Phillip and Elizabeth’s colleague who died in 1x01.

Phillip and Elizabeth learn Robert had a secret wife and baby. Phillip also learns some things about Elizabeth he didn’t want to. Phillip and Elizabeth never seem to do any work at their travel agency. The FBI are jerks. Phillip and Elizabeth meet their new boss.

Robert’s widow Joyce realises her husband was a spy and not a drug dealer. Phillip and Elizabeth have issues over him falling for her and her not reciprocating. There is a cruel ending for Joyce. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“He said it was just doodling. It didn’t look like doodling to me.”

“I was living in a strange house in a strange country with a strange man.”
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