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Hannibal 1x05 + Love and Marriage 1x01 + Castle 5x06 Reviewed

Will sleepwalks and the psycho killer of the week is freakish. Bella and Jack eat at Lecter’s house. Lecter mumbles and Bella goes to him for therapy about her secrets. The killer of the week somehow knew his victims were criminals. This was boring. Lecter manipulates Will, the killer somehow kills himself in an elaborate fashion and Jack finally realises his wife is dying.

Best Lines:
“Appalling failure of imagination.”

“I’m prepared.”
“Prepare yourself some more.”

“He’s a sweater.”
“Madness slept here last night.”

“You might recognise them from such lists as Most Wanted.”

“Did you just smell me?”
“Difficult to avoid.”

Love and Marriage (2013) 1x01
ITV’s latest comedy drama centres on sixty something Pauline (Alison Steadman) who is married to the oblivious Ken Paradise. They have three children: the lying thieving newly unemployed leech Kevin who is married to Sarah (Ashley Jensen of ‘Ugly Betty‘), the useless Michael who is married to Michelle who has birthed a football team and the paranoid infertile Heather who is married to Charlie.

Pauline retires from her job as a lollipop lady, nobody in her family cares. Her colleagues give her crappy retirement gifts apart from one teacher who gives her a book of poems. Pauline is tired of being ignored by her husband and being taken advantage of by her selfish uncaring children.

Pauline envies her slutty ’free spirit’ sister Rowan (Celia Imrie) who hangs out with her married lover and her granddaughter Scarlett. Pauline finally cracks when her beloved father Frank dies via a hammock accident. Ken is utterly coldly indifferent and Pauline leaves and moves in with Rowan. Her children cannot comprehend the fact that their mother is tired of being a servant. This was okay but why do the characters address the camera directly like in ‘Modern Family’?

Best Lines:
“Why are you talking like Les Dawson?”

“We just thought that, um, kids would give us purpose and joy.”

The Final Frontier
There is a murder at a convention. The victim is a big name fan of the long defunct TV show ‘Nebula-9’. Castle (Nathan Fillion overacting as always) and Kate investigate, cue homages to ‘Firefly’, cameos by ‘Star Trek’ veterans and the revelation that Kate is a massive ‘Nebula-9’ fan.

The cause of death is a laser blaster, a washed up ‘Nebula-9’ actor lurks hamming it up like Shatner while another former ‘Nebula-9’ actress is now a movie star/serious actress. Jonathan Frakes of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and Armin Shimmerman (of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’) are one scene wonders whilst Ayre Gross (of ‘Hexed’) is an unpleasant coroner.

Castle and Kate are now at it like rabbits and he wants to see her in a ‘Nebula-9’ costume. Meanwhile was the murder the result of an ill-advised pass or the rights to the series or is there a more mundane reason? This was okay, even if the revelation of the killer was really camp. This ends with William Shanter ‘singing’ on the soundtrack - which is not something that can be unheard.

Best Lines:
“I’m a fine of good sci-fi. ‘Star Trek’, ‘Battlestar’. That Joss Whedon show.”

“Ravaged by sorrow. Reminded me of the moment when first officer Tate was sucked into that wormhole in episode 6.”

“How am I going to unsee that?”

“I waited 10 years to do that, bitch.”
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