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Book Reviews: Tempest Rising + The Red Plague Affair

Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler
This is book one of the ‘Jane True’ saga. Jane is a misfit pariah in the rundown tourist resort of Rocabill. Strangers show up and reveal Jane’s supernatural heritage. Soon Jane has a sexy lover named Ryu who punches out one of her tormentors. Jane is introduced to a new world and all is well. Isn’t it?

No. There are horrible murders, Jane learns she isn’t any more popular in the supernatural world than she is in Rocabill and Ryu might have his own agenda. This is an enjoyable read that falters slightly toward the end. This is calculating candyfloss, I will read book two.

Best Lines:
“I’d given drowning myself in a toilet the good old college try.”

“The most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen in my entire life. They were like my sea during a storm or the sky on a summer’s day. Or Nan’s toilets when she’d used those cistern deodorizing-tablet jobbies-”

“There’s a hillbilly bar an hour from here that I enjoy terrorizing.”

“We could compromise and chase her around the compound. She doesn’t look very fast, but we could give her a head start."

“I feel just like Julia Roberts. Only without the hooker aspect.”

The Red Plague Affair by Lilith Saintcrow
The 2nd ‘Bannon and Clare Case’ is a letdown. Sorceress Emma Bannon and detective Archibald Clare investigate a missing doctor, a plague and Clare’s nemesis Vance. This is overwritten and full of religion bashing like the author’s dreadful ‘Dante Valentine’ novels.

Emma Bannon spends the majority of the novel throwing tantrums, having a strop and causing scenes. - half the problems in this novel could have been avoided if not for her and her perpetual sulking. Stuff is set up for a third adventure, which I may look for but this tale just did not enthral.

Best Lines:
“It was Emma Bannon who saw to it that they did not whisper overly loudly, or for very long.”

“The streets are full of coughing, and people collapsing in the road - even respectable people.”
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