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‘The 100’ series promo
Based on novel that is not yet published, this series looks good. Earth was long ago evacuated to the beautiful Arks and now people are returning to the planet. It is like ‘Earth2’ redux. Petty criminal teenagers are sent from the Ark to Earth. They all have pretty hair and skin and run around the wilderness setting fires, rioting, getting naked and being snots.

There is a romance and Desmond from ‘Lost’ is a baddie on the Arks which are secretly dying. Meanwhile on Earth, the teens see a deformed deer, glowy ‘Avatar’ like plants and monsters. Oh yeah.

Best Lines:
“You’re being sent to the ground.”

“You are hereby sentenced to death.”

“We’re not alone.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, where has John Paul gone? Sienna seems to want Darren for herself. Why? Ste, Sinead and Mercedes have all the class of Tulisa. Sinead doesn’t want to deal drugs and then she does and it goes badly for her. Ste has no concept of the hurt he has caused people. Frankie is as oblivious as ever. George shows up - why does he care about Sinead? Jim knows Paul killed Lyndsay and doesn’t seem to care.

Ste is a pillock to George. Tilly, Esther and George want Sinead to go on holiday with them. WTF? Nancy acts like the wounded party and stomps off.

Watched another rerun of Bear Grylls during which he got stung by a bee, cut a skunk’s head off, ate the skunk and then drank his own pee out of a snakeskin. Delightful.

There will be no review of ‘Stung’.

Reviews of ‘Tracking The Tempest’ and ‘Sapphire Blue’ forthcoming.
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