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Book Reviews: 21st Century Dead part 3 + The Badlands 1&2 + The Shocks of Adversity

21st Century Dead edited by Christopher Golden, part 3

Ghost Dog & Pup
An overlong stupid tale about a ghost dog that is a sentimental vomit.

Best Line:
“A darkness shall spread across the land as the dead replace the living.”

Tic Boom: A Slice of Love
A bilious self parody.

Best Line:
He’s dead. Evident by the fact that he has no head.”

Jack and Jill
Some fair gobbets here as a dying child faces a zombie uprising on his remote family farm. This is very good.

Tender as Teeth
A reporter interviews a cured ex-zombie who is the most hated woman on Earth. This is a dark twisty excellent story.

Couch Potato
Written by Brian Keene. A neglected child’s mother turns into a zombie. This is very good.

The Happy Bird and Other Tales
This is a bleak tale of a zombie solider. Good.

This is a bizarre and bad tale of zombie soldiers.

Star Trek: The Badlands 1&2 by Susan Wright
From 1999, these books feature Kirk, the Badlands, a Romulan and nothing of interest. These were badly written and boring.

Star Trek The Original Series: The Shocks of Adversity by William Leisner
The Enterprise is exploring when it is damaged in an attack. A ship from the Goeg Domain offers assistance. Kirk befriends the captain who he regards as a counterpart and initially sees the Domain as a counterpart to the UFP.

But as peace and friendship initially break out, it becomes clear that the Goeg Domain is not what it seems and that Kirk has allied with the wrong side. This was good but Kirk giving the Domain captain chance after chance after chance was annoying.

Best Lines:
“Doctor, I am continually astonished by your ignorance of even the most basic operational principles of transporter technology.”

“I am only advising that you not give them more trust than they have earned.”
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