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Angel & Faith Season 9 Issue 22 Reviewed

What You Want, Not What You Need, part two
Giles is resurrected as a snotty tween who pervs over Faith. Why is Giles portrayed as a victim? Why can’t he stay dead? Where are TPTB going with this? Anyway Giles is thankless and shouty. Angel and co finally decide to do something about Whistler, Pearl and Nash’s evil plan.

Faith needs to stop looking for a daddy figure, Giles realises he isn’t needed so his resurrection was pointless, there is a cat with wings, the Deeper Well is mentioned, Nadira shows up and there is a cliffhanger. This was good. Why hasn't Buffy even mentioned Giles and why didn’t she figure out his soul was damned? Oh wait - it's selfish Buffy.

Best Lines:
“Hanging out with Angel. It’s like an angst contact high.”

“You killed me in the first place, then resurrected me using obscene sorcery the likes of which I’d never condone - - - - while there’s an apocalyptic crisis you should be attending to instead!”
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