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Book Review: 1635: The Dreeson Incident

1635: The Dreeson Incident by Eric Flint & Virginia DeMarce

The alternate history series continues after the decidedly lacklustre '1634: The Bavarian Crisis'.

Everyday life in Grantville goes on as the citizens continue to try and adjust to their new lives. Some are coping, some aren't. Meanwhile outside forces from across Europe continue to affect the lives of those in the former mining town.

This book mostly focuses on small town people trying to deal with the ongoing repercussions of the Ring of Fire. So there's pages of dialogue and hordes of new characters, A small bit of attention is paid to the fact that Rebecca and Gretchen haven't seen their kids since '1633' and the affects on the kids of this, but this is only addressed briefly. To be blunt; Mike, Rebecca, Gretchen and Jeff were the big characters in '1632' but as the books have gone on, they've become more distant, more clichéd, more boorish and more superfluous.

Also towards the end of this book, Mike and Gretchen are responsible for events that define well intentioned extremism. It changes the book's small town focus to large scale events that should have dramatic fallout yet are dismissed with only a few paragraphs.

This book illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of the series. It can be an absorbing read yet also an infuriating one. This is for Ring of Fire fans only.
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