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Book Reviews: Outcast + Serenity The Official Visual Companion + 21st Century Dead part 2

Green Hornet Volume Five: Outcast written by Ande Parks
This 21st century Hornet saga isn’t as good as the 1930s saga. Britt Reid Jnr and Mulan continue to carry on their fathers’ legacy. Moonbeam returns, Mulan drives a stealth Black Beauty (is that a homage to the movie?) and an evil politician hires a murderous con to be a fake Green Hornet.

This has bad art, sexism, Britt is not proactive enough, Mulan has lost all her edge as she coos over Britt and the continuity is awful. Britt Jnr and Mulan come across as incompetent as the evil politician uses the fake Hornet to go on a murder spree for his own political agenda.

An ally gets shot in the head, Mulan runs around a crime scene screaming the Hornet’s real name, Britt gets beaten down, there is vomiting, corruption and Britt won’t back down. Britt rededicates himself to his crime fighting agenda, gains a new ally and vows to stop Century City from being a black hole of joylessness. This was okay but Britt is a whiner and this had massive flaws.

Best Lines:
“You readers are dying off, and their replacements don’t want what you’re selling.”

“They shot him all up!”

“Goodbye skank.”

“Lucky for us, Century City already had a bogeyman. We just had to make him a little scarier.”

“Records put Chritton’s car at an alarming number of Hornet sightings.”

“Dude who runs around town with a green suit and a dart gun is asking me why.”

“How many times did that guy stab you?”
“Felt like a lot.”

“He kinda beat the hell out of me.”

“You’re not screaming for the police right how, so you don’t think I’m a killer.”

Serenity: The Official Visual Companion
From 2005, this contains the ‘Serenity’ shooting script, background to the ‘Firefly’ universe, star maps, movie stills, storyboards and production art. It’s all very nice looking but the movie was a shambles and not a pretty one. So bad movie = uninteresting book.

21st Century Dead edited by Christopher Golden, part 2

How We Escaped Our Certain Fate
A father and son have survived the zombie apocalypse, for now. This was good.

Best Line:
“Peter spoke enthusiastically about his day at school, where the kids were being taught to operate a flamethrower.”

A Mother’s Love
An insane mother has to feed her zombie child. This was good if frustrating.

Down and Out In Dead Town
A homeless man ventures amongst the dead. This was mediocre.

Devil Dust
A tale of meth, zombies and revenge. This was very good.

The Dead of Dromore
This is a ridiculous tale of mercenaries’ vs zombies.

All The Comforts of Home
Post zom-apoc, people live in safety and comfort. Mostly. This was good and creepy.
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