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Hannibal 1x04 + Once Upon A Time 2x03 Reviewed

Will is still freaking out over Hobbes. His twitching annoys. Some profiler he is: he asks Lecter to feed his dogs and Lecter has a good look around Will’s house. Lecter’s odd obsession with the boring Abigail drags on.

Lecter feeds ‘rabbit’ to Jack. Will has some unknown family issues. Meanwhile brainwashed teenage runaways kill their families on the orders of a nutter (Molly Shannon of ‘Superstar’). Will blathers about capture bonding, Lecter has Abigail trip on mushroom tea and shows off a trick with a potato and a knife. Jack’s sick wife (Gina Torres of ‘Alias’, ‘Angel’, ‘Cleopatra 2525’ and ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’) shows up. This was mediocre; I just do not care about Abigail.

Best Lines:
“What do you see Will?”
“Family values.”

“What am I about to put in my mouth?”

“Have you thought about applying for schools?”
“My dad killed girls at all the schools I applied to.”
“Perhaps that can wait then.”

“He’s an outsider who doesn’t look like one.”

“I don’t think you’re going to go home for a long time.”

Lady Of The Lake
Henry will not shut up, Emma is a snot and flashbacks to fairytale land show Snow and Charming hanging out with Lancelot. Meanwhile Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan and the really annoying Aurora encounter ogres.

Mulan annoys, Henry annoys and flashbacks show Charming introducing Snow to his stupid mother. Why is everyone so stupid in this episode? How is Lancelot a Christian? What land is he from?

Emma visits Snow and Charming’s ruined castle. Flashbacks show their marriage - who made the flower arch? Why did Snow have such huge fake eyelashes? Meanwhile Cora shows she is evil and makes a revelation. Emma whines. In Storybrooke, Jefferson and his brat reunite and the evil King spies on Charming and Henry. Why hasn’t Charming wondered where his evil fake dad is? This was a bad episode filled with stupidity and bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Lancelot? Of the Round Table?”
“Not anymore.”

“The world’s dangerous. What’s left of it.”

“Sweet Snow.”
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