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Book Reviews: Promise of Blood + 21st Century Dead part 1

Promise of Blood: The Powder Mage Trilogy 1 by Brian McClellan
This overhyped novel is an okay read but is nothing special. Field Marshal Tamas has led a coup against the corrupt king. The aristos are sent to the guillotine and the starving fed. But Tamas’ coup has interrupted other people’s plots and they aren’t happy.

Also royalist fanatics, untrustworthy allies, an oncoming war and rumours about old gods returning threaten all Tamas has achieved. I enjoyed this but have no real interest in reading books 2&3. The story takes place not in fantasy’s usual medieval stasis but during an industrial revolution which makes a nice change. The characters are nicely flawed but the magic system makes no sense.

Best Lines:
“The Kez are in here deep. They’ve been planning this for decades.”

“I want Ipille to know his spies will start coming back in progressively smaller boxes unless he recalls them.”

“Only peasants listen to that stuff these days.”

“Peasants aren’t as dim as you think.”

“A ferret could run this country better then Manhouch did.”

21st Century Dead edited by Christopher Golden, part 1
Another zombie anthology from the editor of the awful ‘The New Dead’

Does anything human remain in a zombie? This was good.

Why Mothers Let Their Babies Watch Television
A short creepy tale.

The dead come back and it is not good at all. Neither is this story.

Best Line:
“I never wanted you dead until after you were dead and you wouldn’t go away.”

Reality Bites
Zombies have risen and they’re on reality TV. Bad.

The Drop
Next Generation Zombies. Mediocre.

Written by Amber Benson, this tells of a homeless kid who wants to escape his life. It’s good.
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