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True Blood 5x03 + The Americans (2013 - 2018) 1x01 Reviewed

Whatever I Am, You Made Me
Reverend Newlin works for the Authority. Sookie will not shut up. The Authority bore. Tara goes to Sam. Debbie Pelt’s parents show up. Pam has more flashbacks to 1905 and she witnessed Bill and Eric’s first meeting. A whole lot of Jason’s behaviour is explained when he meets his old teacher.

Bill bores and should be goo. Salome (the biblical one) gets naked a lot. Jessica annoys. Hoyt goes to a bar. Pam recalls how she became a vampire. Nora can’t act. Sookie is selfish and Tara tries to commit suicide via tanning bed. This was dire, Sookie is an awful awful person.

Best Lines:
“Humans aren’t just talking meat.”

“Since when do we negotiate with apostates?”

Phillip (Matthew Rhys of ‘The Scapegoat’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters’) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) are deep cover Russian spies in 1980s America. They kidnap a KGB defector and have to figure out what to do with him. Meanwhile an FBI counterintelligence officer moves in across the street. His boss is played by Richard Thomas.

Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings are part of Directorate S - a super secret sleeper cell organization who never speak Russian, don’t know each other’s real names and never discuss the past. They also have two children born as part of their cover.

Phillip has 80s hair, Elizabeth has bad memories of what happened to her during training, the Jennings have a lot of wigs and glasses they use to create fake identities and they also have dead eyes.

Phillip thinks about defecting to protect their children who don’t know about their parents. Elizabeth hates her children being American and is a true believer. Flashbacks show how Phillip and Elizabeth were paired up in 1962; Phillip has a bad flashback wig.

When the defector reveals what he did to Elizabeth back in training in 1960, Phillip kills him with one hand. He and his fake wife ditch the body and have car sex to Genesis. Then Phillip hunts down a mall pervert and stabs him with a BBQ fork.

Elizabeth learns things will get tougher for them, it is also revealed she reported on Phillip’s loyalty to their bosses. The Deputy Attorney General (Cotter Smith) reveals Regan has authorised the FBI to eliminate the sleeper cells. So the Jennings are in danger from the FBI and their own.

Elizabeth tells Phillip about her real past and reveals that her real name is Nadezhda. Seeing as they first came to America in 1965 and were amazed by an AC unit, that is a big deal. Meanwhile the FBI agent is wee bit suspicious of Phillip and breaks into their garage for a look around. He fails to notice Phillip lurking in the corner with a gun. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“It’s probably a coincidence. FBI agents have to live somewhere.”

“They’ll expect us to have children eventually.”

“There’s a weakness in the people. I can feel it.”
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