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Thoughts of the Day

‘World War Z’ clip
Brad Pitt as a UN Inspector? Right. He better help fight the zombies or else. I hope this film is good.

Salted caramel macaroons = yum.
Raspberry macaroons = nice.
Chocolate macaroons = yum.

Reviews of ‘The Returned’ coming soon.

Tom Hardy is to play Elton John?!?

‘Hollyoaks’ was hilarious as Will let his psycho side show to Dodger after Texas’ funeral and let his big brother know he only married Texas so Dodger couldn’t have her. Dodger then proceeds to drag Will out of his wheelchair, punch him and then tosses the thoughtless delinquent little scrote into Texas’ open grave on top of her coffin. To top it off he then throws fistfuls of grave dirt into Will’s face.

Dirk somehow gets Will out of the grave. Dirk then orders Dodger out of their lives. Maxine reveals Mitzeee has had Riley’s son and named it Phoenix. Oh lord. Dodger gets shirtless and Sienna cuddles him. Sienna really has issues with being too close to her male family members.

Patrick pervs after Maxine. Dodger gets drunk and makes a scene at Nancy’s birthday. Sienna ensures the idiot Darren finds Nancy’s massive stash of codeine pills. It’s all very ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’. Meanwhile the new chav Roscoe family bore.

Best Lines:
“She was a nice fit.”

“Did you sleep in a barrel of beer?”

“Daddy Dirk has disowned me.”

“I hurt Will...My family hate me...Dirk looked at me like I was scum.”

“You want to play daddy now do you - what now Dirk’s tossed me aside?”
“If this is how you carry on, I don’t blame him."
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