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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘This Is The End’ trailer
The apocalypse! Seth Rogen! Emma Watson with an axe! Hee!

Best Line:
"Hermione just stole all our s##t."

‘The Apparition’ (2012) clip:
A girl is scared in the laundry room and so nails the door shut only to find out she’s nailed herself in with something creepy. This film looks good.

‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ Quotes:

“You actually said that? Out loud?”

‘Promise of Blood’ Quotes:
“Words like “omen” and “bad tidings” were being spoken by men far too educated to take such things seriously.”

“Your unwavering support brings tears to my eyes.”

“Eat your good faith, worm!”

Bear Grylls ate an enormous live grub. Then he squeezed the guts out of a hairy caterpillar, char grilled it over a coke can and ate it. Delightful.

Coming in the autumn: reviews of ‘Dracula’, ‘Arrow’ season 2 and ‘Elementary’ season 2.

Honeycomb chocolate = yum.
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