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Movie Review: Dark Relic (2010)

This TV movie is set in 1099 and sees Sir Gregory (James Frain of ‘The Cape’ and ‘The Tudors’) find a relic. The item of veneration is a part of the True Cross and so he and his fellow knights’ head home on a ship with it. The ship gets wrecked.

There is weird goings on, religious debate, fights, the relic draws evil, Sir Gregory looks rough and hooks up with a serf girl. As a nobleman would do in 1099. This had promise at the beginning but turned dumb. It has bad make up, a stupid cgi demon and could have been better. Almost everyone dies, this was not adorbs.

Best Lines:
“My lands and property are being plundered by the thieving bastards I left to look after them.”

“Is your loss of faith the reason you dress like a filthy pig?”

“You will bleed, whore!”
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