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Book Reviews: Graveyard Child + Wither's Rain

Graveyard Child: Book Five of The Black Sun’s Daughter by M.L.N. Hanover
Jayne Heller heads home for some long overdue answers but her long estranged family don’t want to know her. Still the answers come, painfully and horribly. For a long time Jayne thought her late Uncle Eric was a heroic demon hunter who fought for good and left her a fortune so she could do the same. Jayne finally learns that all her assumptions were wrong.

The truth is horrific, there is darkness in the Heller family and has been for a long time. Questions are answered and a terrible confrontation takes place. This was good as everything becomes clear and Jayne realises how deep the manipulation goes.

Best Lines:
“After all, what he knew about me was that I’d vanished under a cloud and reappeared with two men in tow, a lot of money, and heavily tattooed fiancée-abducting cultists coming after me.”

“For more than a century, this thing had been eating my family.”

“It was vast intelligence gone necrotic.”

“I saw all that she could have been and wasn’t. And would never be.”

Wither’s Rain by John Passarella
From 2003 comes this sequel to the mediocre ‘Wither’. In that novel Wendy Ward the good witch defeated Wither the bad witch. Now Wither is back and she possesses local slut Gina Thorne. Nobody cares or tries to save her as Gina embarks on a dark path. It isn’t exactly a rampage as Wendy Ward does a lot of emo whining. This was badly written, ridiculous, dumb, sexist tosh.

Best Lines:
“You killed my son!”
“A big truck killed your son.”

“Gina continued to surprise - and scare - him with her strange new abilities, and the predominantly socipathic ways in which she used them.”
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