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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x03 Review

The Mousetrap
Cromartie kidnaps Charley's wife Michelle. Sarah is made to look like a vile person in her reaction to this. Anyway the whole abduction turns out to be an elaborate scheme of Cromartie's to kill John. However only Michelle dies. Meanwhile Catherine Weaver hires Ellison and talks about how Terminator parts were found in a plane crash five years ago and how she is trying to reverse engineer them. She tells Ellison: "I want you to help me find another one."

On a sidenote 'Beastmaster 7' which starred the poor unfortunate whose face Cromartie copied is now a huge direct to DVD hit after Cromartie killed 20 people and the poor dead failed actor sap was blamed. The clips of 'Beastmaster 7' are truly dire looking.

This was an okay episode. But why do TPTB make Sarah so hateful? What will Charley do now? Why is Derek around? Why was a Terminator on a crashing plane five years ago? What is Weaver's agenda? And what is the deal with Riley and the pregnant neighbour?
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