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Trailers and a 1998 Tape Tale

‘Sleepy Hollow’ trailer: legends

‘Sleepy Hollow’ trailer: reborn
No Depp! Yay!

Best Lines:
“George Washington.”
“Do you know him?”

‘The Americans’ promo
1980s set cold war drama that looks inspired by ‘Salt’. I am there.

I am reading ‘Graveyard Child’.

So on ‘Arrow’, Oliver’s on/off/on best friend/brother died in his arms. Season 2 had better show that it was an incredibly powerful life changing moment and not just rubble trouble.

There is a movie called ‘Sharknado’ starring Tara Reid, this I have to see.

SanPellegrino sparkling lemon = nice.
SanPellegrino sparkling orange = yum.
SanPellegrino sparking grapefruit = good.

‘Shaun of the Dead’ Quotes:
“I admit he can be pretty funny on occasion. Like that time we stayed up all night drinking apple schnapps and playing Tekken 2.”
“Yeah, when was that?”
“That was five years ago. When’s he going home?”

Cleared out a 1998 tape. It opened with a season 2 ‘Due South’ ep ‘North’ in which Ray and Fraser have walked off gunshots, betrayal and that whole Victoria incident that they would never speak of again. They’re going camping but the plane crashes and they are stranded. The Vecchio/Fraser friendship is clear and sweet as they cope with nature and a murderous escaped con. However John Barrowman’s flashback wig on ‘Desperate Housewives’ was hilarious, this wasn’t. Bad choices in season 3 forever ruined my one time love for this show.

Best Lines:
“We’re lost.”
“No, we’re not. We just don’t know where we are.”

Then came a season 3 ‘Babylon 5’ ep ‘Matters of Honor’ in which Kosh lumbers around in his shower curtains costume, Ranger Marcus (Jason Carter) debuts, Morden lurks and Londo blathers about manifest destiny and is thankless. Delenn lies and gasps. People yap. A Ranger training camp is in peril. The White Star debuts. Why does Sheridan get to captain the White Star and command the Rangers? Exposition is dumped. Morden is in with Earth Alliance and the Psi Corps. This was dull.

Then came a ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ ep ‘Waltz’ in which Dukat is being taken to his war crimes trial when a ship crashes on a planet stranding Dukat and Sisko together. This was murky, talky and I didn’t care. Then came another ‘Deep Space Nine’ ep ‘Who Mourns for Morn?’ in which barfly Morn has died and leaves his mysterious fortune to Quark. Various con artists run around trying to get said fortune from Quark but he doesn’t have it plus Morn is not dead. This was not funny plus a guy from the season 1 ep ‘Dax’ showed up playing a different character.
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