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Arrow 1x23 + Once Upon A Time 2x01 Reviewed

Malcolm Merlyn justifies himself to Oliver. John Barrowman and his plastic face commits full tilt to Malcolm’s lunacy. Why is Oliver shirtless when he is chained up? Oliver escapes and faces death glares from his former BFF Tommy. Oliver is smug and jerkish to Tommy. Poor Tommy betrayed by his ex-BFF and his woman.

Quentin Lance, the only cop in Starling City, has Felicity dead to rights as the Hood’s sidekick. Lance endangers his job. Moira annoys. Laurel and her unmoving face bores. Malcolm plays Tommy his dying mother’s voicemail. No wonder Malcolm went mad if he has been listening to that for years.

Moira confesses, Thea is stupid, Tommy decides to reject the dark side and his father knocks him out. Poor Tommy, betrayed by his dad, his ex-BFF and his woman. The Glades resident riot and loot instead of evacuating. Roy and his rotting pumpkin face runs around being annoying.

Island flashbacks reveal how Oliver manned up and does not reveal why Fyers didn't kill Slade, Oliver and Shado when he had the chance. Plus where are Slade and Shado now?

Laurel despite being warned not to goes into the CNRI, why is she so dumb? Malcolm left his unconscious son on the floor as he waited to fight Oliver. Malcolm may or may not be dead but he is still smarter than Oliver as the Glades go boom. Did no-one read or see ‘Watchmen’?

Laurel is in peril, Tommy saves her, she runs off without looking back and he gets a rebar through the chest. Poor Tommy. Oliver finally shows some concern and compassion for Tommy but it is way too late as Tommy dies and Oliver blubbers. He didn’t even apologise before Tommy died.

This was good. So what’ll happen in season 2? Is Lance still press ganged into the gang? What’ll become of Moira? Is Malcolm dead? Will Oliver and Laurel show some remorse for contributing to Tommy’s death? Will Tommy show up in flashbacks? Where are Slade and Shado? Will Oliver stop overlooking his father’s murder of the other man in the life raft? Is Sarah dead or not?

Best Lines:
“If I only knew how you were spending your nights.”

“I wish you would have died on that island.”

“They deserve to die. All of them.”

“I figured I’d run for my life with everyone else.”

Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora (Sarah Bolger of ‘The Tudors’) is rescued by a goob named Phillip and Mulan in a post curse fairytale land. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, people remember their past, Emma pulls bitchfaces and Henry does not want Regina killed.

A wraith and a symbol feature a lot but as it is boring, I don’t care. Regina smirks, Dr Whale ramble rouses, Emma won’t shut up, Belle flitters and two people get sucked through Jefferson’s magic hat into fairytale land. So? Meanwhile Phillip is soul sucked, Aurora bores and annoys and this was bad.

Best Lines:
“They’re gonna kill her.”
“Great. Let’s watch.”

“What was that thing?”
“Something bad.”

“There’s nothing to go back to.”

“I assume this is all your doing.”
“Most things are.”

“Maybe I just need to punch you in the face.”

“Not telling.”

“I’m sorry.”
“No, you’re not.”
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