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‘Under The Dome’ trailer
A perfect town is encased by a dome. No one can leave. Chaos ensues. Big Jim is played by Hank from ‘Breaking Bad’ - oh that should be good. Is that Jeff Fahy? Is that the dramatic fire? I’m there.

Best Line:
“We’re stuck in a giant fish bowl.”

I had forgotten how good Peppermint Patties are.

I am reading ‘Generation V’.

Why do all Bear Grylls survival programmes involve nudity and pee?

‘Doctor Who’ Quotes:
“I think I’ve been murdered.”

“Surrender your women and intellectuals.”

“Welcome to the final resting place of the cruel tyrant, of the slaughterer of the ten billion and the vessel of the final darkness.”

“He will have other names before the end.”

“Even if any of this were true which I take the liberty of doubting.”

“There would be consequences.”

“Since nobody else in this room can see you, god knows how that looked.”

“He’s the one who broke the promise.”

“What I did I did without choice.”
“I know.”
“In the name of peace and sanity.”

‘CSI’ Quote:
“You’re a crime scene investigator, not Erin Brockovich.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:
“In case of random evil.”

“You are way too excited about a giant monster flying down the street.”

“Where is here?”

“If it tries to bite you; you should not let it.”

“This is a man who kept his secret identity for about five minutes.”

“As it is written.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“How’s that brain aneurism of yours?”

“This screams Steps revival.”

“A lot of people have slept with Dodger.”

“Satan’s bordello.”

‘The Simpsons Movie’ Quotes:
“I miss Flanders, there I said it.”

“I was elected to lead not to read.”

“’The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Sounds better than half the kids in the band.”
“So does a leaf-blower.”

‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ Quote:
Yeah dad, this is great. You know I’m glad we didn’t go to Hawaii.”
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