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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Issue 21 + The Green Hornet Issue 2 reviewed

The Core, part one
Has Xander switched sides or not? The ‘good’ guys and the bad guys descend on the Deeper Well. Dawn is dying and everyone still insists on acting like she is Buffy’s sister. Billy is useless. The broke Buffy somehow has an iphone. Dawn has forgotten Willow and Spike, good for her. Buffy and Willow are selfish and Xander may indeed have tuned traitor after all. This was good and I hope after years of TPTB ignoring him, Xander finally does something.

Best Line:
“Thanks for the vote of very-little-to-no confidence. You really think I’d betray my best friend?”

The Green Hornet Issue 2
A mysterious saboteur is in town, WW2 has begun, plotters are plotting and the crime fighting duo face arrest. This was okay, not as good as issue 1.

Best Lines:
“That masked devil’s behind everything foul in this burg.”

“You were about to explain why it is you’re not scared of me.”
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