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Fringe 1x11 Review


This was a dull, lacklustre return for the show. Olivia escapes from her captors only to end up the subject of an investigation by an old enemy. Olivia's methods and her association with "a criminal and a lunatic" make her suspect apparently. Olivia's sister Rachel shows up, somehow I suspect that will all end in tears. The guy who used to play Cass on 'Another World' is killed by a giant cold virus. Walter traps the giant cold virus under a rubbish bin noting: "Things like this used to happen in the lab all the time."

Anyway Olivia figures out Loeb is a baddie and kills his wife. This prompts Loeb to wail that he's a good guy and he was 'saving' Olivia. I'm sure it'll all make sense some time in season 4.
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