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Numb3rs Season 1 review, part 3

Dirty Bomb
Don is in his suit again. A truck full of nuclear waste goes missing and threats are made by real hardcore psychos. The missing truck driver’s wife is played by Carrie Preston of ‘True Blood’. Someone gets dead. Charlie thinks helping the FBI is edgy and cool, shame by season 5 he had gotten bored with it. This was very good with a twist, toxic friend influence and a one scene appearance by a DOE specialist played by Sendhil Ramamurthy of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Covert Affairs’

Best Lines:
“You’re saying the casks leak?”
“Only at NRC approved levels.”

“What’d Charlie say?”
“We’d better find that truck.”

“He died nine days later. Total disintegration of internal functions.”

“People quickly taking a ride out of town in an easterly direction might be of help right now.”
“Well possibly not, with these current wind conditions.”

“I locked that vault myself even with the bomb threat and the policemen yelling at me.”

“Shut your mouth.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down.”

A private think tank member is killed. The boss (Bruce Davison) lurks. The dead man’s research assistant Scott (Joseph Gordon-Levitt of ‘Brick’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Inception’) is shifty. Don mutters down an out of date phone. The dead man’s estranged wife whines, her divorce lawyer (Elizabeth Dennehy) sneers and Alan reveals Charlie was nearly responsible for his parents divorcing. Charlie was naturally clueless. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Hoke didn’t show up for work for two days and he wasn’t missed.”
“That’s either very sad, or that’s a really good job.”

“Sat around waiting for her ex to call.”

“That’s exactly what my dad said when I told him I was gonna borrow 30 grand a year to pay for it.”

Noisy Edge
A UFO is sighted over LA. An NTSB agent (Gloria Reuben) shows up to investigation the unexplained aerial event. Charlie and Alan play golf. Terry isn’t in this ep as she wasn’t in the previous one and no-one mentions her. An angry man (Bill Smitrovich) yells. A nutter built a plane. His son (Ethan Embry) knows something. This was good.

Man Hunt
Two prisoners escape. No Terry in this ep either. Don’s old partner from his time in Fugitive Recovery shows up to help. Billy Cooper (Max Martini of ‘Revenge’) is not liked by Alan. Charlie flirts with a CHP officer (Christina Cox of ‘Blood Ties’). An annoying narco cop interferes. Charlie and Billy have issues. Don chews gum on a stakeout. Alan thinks Don’s time in Fugitive Recovery were not good days but does not explain why. This was good.

Best Lines:
“They’re not smart which is why they went to prison.”

“What better way to get to know a man than to spend a week using a gas station rest room as home base?”

“The odds are always in our favour.”

“First rule of man hunting: find his woman.”

“Spent two weeks in a cemetery once, waiting for this guy to show up at his wife’s grave. Grabbed him as he was putting a dozen roses on her headstone.”

“Don Eppes. FBI.”
“Yeah, I recognise the suit.”

“I didn’t do no murder.”

“He could just fall off the roof.”

“By the way anomaly has only one o, Charlie.”


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