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‘Agents of SHIELD’ trailer
Coulson will not leave, an annoying woman, bad acting, looks about as thrilling as the Topher Grace v Ashton Kutcher feud.

Best Lines:
“Someone really wanted our initials to spell out shield.”

“Scary men in dark suits.”

‘The Purge’ TV spot #2
All crime is legal for 12 hours: “The annual purge has commenced.” Not sure.

Reviews for ‘Numb3rs’ season 6, ‘Chain Reaction’, ‘From History’s Shadow’, ‘Revelations and Dust’, ‘Spirits From Beyond’, ‘The Stuff of Nightmares’, ‘The Final Reflection’, ’The 5th Wave’, ’Generation V’ and ‘Grandfather’s Footsteps’ coming soon.

David Beckham has retired from football :(

I did not know Bacon Popcorn existed. Nor did I wish to. I cannot believe people would actually eat Cheddar Bacon Popcorn.

‘Generation V’ Quote:
“I let myself smile at him, just enough to be really creepy.”

‘Modern Family’ Quotes:
“Once Daniel Craig put his shirt back on I lost interest.”

“If these was a door here missy, I would slam it in your face.”

“What did I say about eating things for money?”

“It was the baby class.”
“Call it what you want, I saw a hippy with a frog on his hand.

‘Revolution’ Quotes:
“General Monroe, you know him?”
“Very well.”

‘Blackout’ Quotes:
“The dress Sutcliffe-Hythe wore for her presentation at court. We dyed it lavender, but it came out rather streaky.”
“It can only be worn to very dark nightclubs.”
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