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Book Review: How To Be A Complete Bitch

How To Be A Complete Bitch by Pamela Stephenson with Mike Lepine and Mark Leigh

This slim humorous and vulgar book was published in 1987 when Stephenson was a comedian and starred in 'Bloodbath At The House Of Death' and before she got bad cosmetic surgery and became a sex therapist. This is a hilarious ‘guide’ on how to be a bitch from birth unto death. The pop culture references have dated badly but it is still brilliantly funny.

There is advice on :
First words: “You’ll be very sorry.
How to get expelled from kindergarten.
Letters to write to ’Jim’ll Fix It’ on behalf of unloved siblings (this is uncomfortable reading now after the Saville scandal)
How to make granny cry.
The Bad-Boy Dating Agency, men even Paula Yates wouldn’t have touched,
Office politics.
Wedding sabotage (your own or someone else’s)
How to be a bad neighbour.
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