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Psych 6x09 + Arrow 1x22 Reviewed

Neil Simon’s Lovers Retreat
Shawn and Juliet go on vacation to a spa. What does the yellow haired fake tan sporting Juliet see in the man child Shawn? Juliet and Shawn are robbed by a thieving couple named Barbie and Clive (Jason Priestley).

Shawn solves the case with his usual bulldozer approach to life. Juliet is a fool. Shawn spouts palaver and is morally dubious. Shawn’s dad gets a stalker. A wine box mogul is murdered. Shawn needs to be chased around with a belt. This was daft but okay and features attempted murder by steam room.

Best Lines:
“Slumber party, nudie times, drinky drinky.”

“You’re not actually buying scented candles are you?”
“How else am I supposed to freshen up my place?”
“Well do what I do, you put your laundry basket outside and blast the place with Right Guard.”

“Bring something green. I need the fibre.”

“I don’t have a son and if I did I’d hate him too.”

Darkness On The Edge of Town
Oliver does not tell Tommy his daddy is a supervillain, which I’m sure will lead to horrible consequences. Laurel hurls herself at Oliver, how classy Ms Yo-yo knickers is. Laurel bores. Thea is oblivious. Roy and his weird frozen face bores. The Queen’s have crap security even after a crazy hitman broke into their house not so long ago.

Moira wails. Quentin Lance says something nice about Oliver. Laurel is Little Miss All About Me. Diggle, Felicity and Oliver infiltrate Merlyn Global. Tommy calls Oliver a serial killer. Oliver asks what Tommy does at Merlyn Global - Tommy does not really answer. Does Tommy know about the Undertaking? For ¾ of this season Tommy was a useless walking hair product. Now he is interesting.

Walter is divorcing the deluded Moira. Felicity isn’t as smart as she thinks she is. Moira and her Jurassic neck frill is as crazy as Heather Mills. Laurel and Oliver get it on. Has she changed the sheets since Tommy walked out? Tommy sees them slobbering over each other as they left the windows open. So very classy. This was not good apart from the island flashback scenes. I don’t care about these malignant narcissists.

Who is Fyers boss? Who did Roy lose? Why does everyone on this show use Windows 8? Is Yao Fei dead? Has Malcolm earned an arbitrary death? WTF is the TPTB’s obsession with the hideous Laurel/Oliver pairing?

Best Lines:
“What exactly do you do here?”

“Let’s go Barbie.”

“Divorce is an extreme reaction.”

“But I love him! He’s my man!”

“Oh no.”



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