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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Under The Dome’ trailer
This looks good.

Best Line:
“Why us?”

‘After Earth’ trailer
What is with the accents? No.

White House Down’ trailer
Didn’t this movie come out already?

‘Doctor Who’ 7x13 trailer

‘The White Queen’ trailer
This BBC adaptation looks interesting.

‘Numb3rs’ Quotes:
“Another person might think our educational system has failed you completely Charlie.”

“I mean they find holes, it’s gonna go on my expense report.”

‘Doctor Who’ Quotes:
“I hate the future. It’s stupid.”

“No blowing up this planet.”

“During the ice picnic.”
“Where the snow bears came and danced for us.”

“And somebody tie me up!”

“Thanks Clara. Thanks Clara’s boyfriend.”

‘Revolution’ Quote:
“Whatever you’re doing. Please stop.”

‘Ugly Betty’ Quote:
“There is no Bad Ronald.”

‘Desperate Housewives’ Quote:
“He’s heading toward the toaster with a fork.”

‘The Young Ones’ Quotes:
“The bathroom’s free unlike the country under the Thatcherite junta.”

“That’s your filth.”

“Who do you suggest we blame?”

“Cor, an exploding front door.”

“Piss off postie.”

“Harry the bastard!”

“Shut your face saucepan tits.”

‘The Other Side Of The Story’ Quotes:
“She treats Anton and me as if we are wilfully Bohemian, instead of merely poor.”

“You could tell he prided himself on his bonhomie.”

“Gemma, they’re booing the lute players. It’s getting quite ugly.”

“We’ll get the money.”
“From where?”
“The bank.”
“Do you plan to rob one?”
“I agree with you that we’re not standard mortgage application material.”

‘Ghostbusters II’ Quote:
“I had part of a slinky. But I straightened it.”

‘Modern Family’ Quotes:
“What are you hiding?”
“Don’t lie to me!”

“Over the years we’ve kind of gone in different directions.”
“We choose forward.”

“I don’t like you.”
“I’ll get over it.”

“It looks like a Madonna video in here.”

“What the hell got into me?”
“Besides the bartender’s tongue?”

‘Blue Bloods’ Quotes:
“She’s accusing a flight of stairs.”

“There’s not a rug big enough to hide that.”

“There is a line we don’t cross and secrets we can’t keep.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:
“You mess with us, you not going to jail. You going to the hospital.”

“Back off the girl before we avenge you upside the head.”

RIP Ray Harryhausen.

Review of ‘The Tower’ forthcoming.

There will be no review of ‘Revolution’ 1x08 ‘Ties That Bind’

Caught a few episodes of ‘Hollyoaks’ for the Will/Texas wedding which ended with Texas being pushed out of the hotel window in super slo-mo. She lies in a puddle of her renaissance princess dress and fake eyelashes. Whodunit? Hard faced Mercedes blames Dr Paul. Dirk says it was an accident. Shortly after Texas and her huge renaissance princess dress is somehow zipped into a body bag, Dodger is arrested.

Doug hangs out with Will. Sienna is selfish. Someone moved all the wedding presents to Will’s flat. Dodger digs himself a hole. Texas’ murder is on the news under her maiden name Texas Longford, then again Texas Savage sounds like a porn star name. Nancy begs for pills. Mercedes is trash and then in hilarious fashion the killer is revealed (to the viewers only) as the most obvious suspect: Will. He killed his wife and is framing his brother. Also he is faking being paralysed. Brilliant.

Best Lines:
Dodger isn’t Silas!”

“She’s a pillhead. She chucks them back like sweets.”
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