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Bonekickers Ep 3 Review

The Eternal Flame

The team discover the final resting place of Boudicca, Warrior Queen as well as evidence she had a secret love with a Roman soldier. Naturally after this massive discovery, they destroy all evidence of it. However they do know how the great fire of Rome started.

Are TPTB playing up the camp aspects of this on purpose? The England vs Italy titles were funny I will admit that. However the team remain terminally stupid. They smash millennia old mosaics and they destroy Boudicca's body minutes after finding it!

Shouty Woman and Boring Bloke have dull adventures in which they destroy historical artefacts and encounter 1st century Roman napalm hand grenades. Everyone but Vivienne seems aware that Shout Woman is on a quest to find Excalibur. Knowing the team's track record, they'll probably melt Excalibur for scrap and turn King Arthur's body into fertilizer after finding it. Seriously why do the script writers have people very obviously not mentioning Excalibur?

The trailer for next week's episode looks WTF. Is Vivienne a baddie? Plus dodgy CGI. 
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