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Arrow 1x21 Reviewed

The Undertaking
The jackass Oliver orders Felicity around. No-one seems to notice that she’s never at work. Quentin Lance is AWOL this ep as are the island flashbacks. Instead we get flashbacks to how a grief crazed Malcolm (John Barrowman looking more plastic than ever) got rid of Robert (Jamey Sheridan) and came up with a plan to eliminate the Glades.

Felicity goes undercover at an illegal casino. Tommy is pretending to be Don Draper as he works for his father. How is he remotely qualified to work at a Fortune 500 company? Oliver takes on a casino full of bad guys. Thea hangs out with Moira. Thea's drug posse and her drug taking seem to have vanished.

Flashbacks show just why the Queen’s Gambit was in the South China Sea and that Laurel asked Oliver and his bad flashback wig to move in with her. Sarah is not seen in the flashbacks. Poor Laurel, did she not hear Leona Lewis wailing ‘Bleeding Love’ in the background as she asked Oliver to get a little apartment with her?

Someone is found and someone is told an obvious truth. There’s a bad CGI Queen’s Gambit. This was good despite the awful useless clueless Laurel. I can see bad things going down between Oliver and the Merlyn clan.

Best Lines:
“You think you scare me more than the people I work for?”

“Is something wrong?”
“Get up.”
“Oh, since you ask so nicely.”


“Your father threatened to taze me.”

“They’re planning something. Something terrible.”
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