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Book Reviews: Kitty Rocks The House + Blood Is The New Black

Kitty Rocks The House by Carrie Vaughn
After the extremely horrible previous book, the ‘Kitty’ saga returns to form. Kitty and Ben have returned from another of their jaunts to find Darren, a new werewolf, has arrived in town. Darren causes issues in the pack.

Meanwhile Kitty’s plans to recruit allies for the Long Game hit a snag and a revelation changes everything Kitty thought she knew about Roman. This was very good. Kitty’s constant swanning off has caused problems in the pack and in her family. Now she finally has to address them. Plus Cormac as usual screws things up and becomes even more dislikeable. I do wonder how much long Carrie Vaughn can drag this series out.

Best Lines:
“It’s very dark where she comes from.”

“This was the human den, the human place, where people sat in chairs, ate with forks.”

Blood is the New Black by Valerie Stivers
This 2007 novel is a mash-up of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Self-consciously hip moocher Kate gets an intern position at ‘Tasty’ magazine. Cue wangst about Kate’s missing mommy, endless descriptions of clothes and rants about her evil boss.

There are murders, shallow people, vampires and this is not as witty as it thinks it is. Read ‘Suckers’ instead. This is dated with talk about My Space and is just plain dull.

Best Lines:
“You’re saying I look downtown?”

“Forgive me. I’m poorly socialized.”

“The difference between a fashion spread and a trailer for Saw III is becoming less and less obvious.”

“Think about it. Have you ever seen them eat? Or drink anything that’s not blood-based? Or use the toilet?”

“Note to self: Buy crucifix.”

“Dangerously unbalanced from too much dieting.”
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