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Book Reviews: Blood Heritage + Dead Reign

Blood Heritage by Sheri S. Tepper

Badger Ettison is mourning the loss of his wife and son, until through a chance encounter at a party, he learns they are still alive. Now Badger is determined to find them and learn why his wife disappeared. His search leads to a distant farm where an old man kept something ancient locked away in a maze. Now he's dead, it has escaped and it wants Badger's wife and child.

Now Badger is racing desperately to find his family, he has allies and blood rituals to aid him. But he's still not fully prepared for what he will find.

This is a wonderfully creepy horror tale from the author of 'Still Life' and 'The Gate to Women's Country'. It hard to believe that it was originally published in 1987. This is a nicely unsettling horror about ancient horrors and ancient magics that lurk just behind the fragile veneer of normality.

Dead Reign by T.A. Pratt

The 3rd entry in the Marla Mason urban fantasy series.

Marla is the wicked witch/chief bully aka chief sorcerer of the city of Felport. Marla loves her city and will do anything to protect it. If this means she can count her friends on one finger, well so be it.

Marla's interpersonal skills lead to her upsetting Ayers, a necromancer who just been released from the loony bin. So the irate Ayers calls up Death himself to battle Marla. Soon Death, Ayers and a bevy of zombies are raising hell in Felport. While Marla, exiled from her home, embarks on a plan to show Death who's boss.

This was an excellent brain twisting tale. It has a hell of a plot and reveals more about Marla and her past and her magical artefacts. It also sets up half a dozen plots for future Marla books. This was a fantastic read. Long may this series continue.

Best Lines:
"I can't have a rogue necromancer with mental health issues running around my city raising the dead unsupervised. It's bad for business. And morale. And tourism. And hygiene."

"I hate crowds too. I don't ever like to be in a group that's bigger than I can incapacitate single-handedly if they get possessed by a malign intelligence."
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