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Elementary 1x20 + Revenge 2x18 Reviewed

Dead Man’s Switch
Sherlock is an ass, Alfredo and his trucker hat shows up and a professional blackmailer named Charles Augustus Milverton blackmails. But Milverton had a lot of helpers and Sherlock must find them. Gregson is the only cop in NY.

Sherlock is a jerk and a jackass over his one year sobriety. There are murders and Windows 8 product placement. This was okay and had a twist but I am really tired of Sherlock and his attention seeking.

Best Lines:
“There would be consequences.”

“Someone had to go.”

Six weeks have passed. Jack is Conrad’s working class advisor. Conrad is an idiot. Daniel is an idiot. Emily has uncovered another of Victoria’s dark secrets. The frozen faced Trask does stuff. Aiden bores. Padma is dead. Nolan cracks up. I care not.

Victoria throws another lavish party. There is bad acting. Who is this Regina chick that Charlotte punches? There is blaring opera and Victoria faints into Aiden’s arms. Aiden gets up on his high horse. Jack tries to make an alliance. There is overacting, nuns and this was an overwrought bore.

Best Lines:
“I’m assuming that this was accompanied by the bouquet of black roses I found in the garbage downstairs.”

“And here I thought I knew all the skeletons in your closet by name.”
“It’s nothing Conrad.”
“Three words that never quell doubt Victoria.”

“What happened with Trask?”
“He’s at the bottom of the East River.”

“Little sisters who love their heroin.”

“Every opera needs its phantom.”
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