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‘Elementary’ 1x21 promo
Moran’s back. I’m almost 100% sure that F. Murray Abraham is playing Moriarty.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ clip
WTF? Is ‘John’ a robot or is he Khan? Kirk overacts.

Best Lines:
“Shut your mouth.”

“I was authorised to end you.”

“They’re on board your ship Captain. They have been all along.”

The cover of ‘Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 24’ is cool and creepy.

‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ (movie) Quote:
“You did it in a shearing shed?”

‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ (book) Quotes:
“Mum’s idea of fun was making jam for the preserves section of the Wirrawee show, so she was hardly an authority on the subject.”

“I kept my eyes down and had another mouthful of tabbouli.”

“’Ellie and I are going bush for a few days,’ he announced. That was Homer’s way of asking permission.”

“Mrs Yannos tried to make Homer eat Brussels sprouts; they had a massive argument which ended with Homer chucking the sprouts at his mum.”

“If I’d tried that at home I’d have been chained to the tractor and used as a clod buster.”

“That was the kind of world we were used to. We never seriously thought it would change much.”

‘Bear Grylls’ Quote:

‘Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’ Quotes:
That’s villain profiling.”

“It really was the most obvious suspect.”

‘Kitty Rocks The House’ Quotes:
“When the minister called on his own God, did he really know who he was praying to?”

“We were hidden among them. Now that lepers and Crusades are not as common as they were, we are all that remain.”
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