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Arrow 1x20 + Criminal Minds 8x14 Reviewed

Home Invasion
Deadshot just won’t stay gone. Quentin Lance is the only cop in Starling City. Tommy Merlyn annoys and a deranged assassin (J. August Richards of ‘Angel’) menaces a moppet. Roy Harper wants to find the vigilante to  become his sidekick. Laurel is menaced and I’m amazed she hasn’t been evicted considering the sheer number of violent incidents at her apartment.

Tommy Merlyn and Oliver have issues over the puffy faced/over botoxed Laurel. Oliver manages to further ruin his relationships with Tommy, Diggle and Felicity. Nobody cares about Thea hanging out with Roy. Oliver is a jerkass and does not seem to care. Oliver is a massive tool. Flashbacks to the island show how Yao Fei screwed everyone over, again. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“There was probably a better time to tell you that.”
“Probably not.”

“Always her. Everybody else be damned.”

“Death by poker. That’s a new one.”

All That Remains
Bruce’s wife vanished a year ago and now his two daughters have vanished too. Everyone (the suspicious local cop, his neighbour his missing wife’s lover) thinks the chronic drunk Bruce killed them all. But is Bruce a nutter or a victim or both?

There are twists, Hotch emoting like a plank, JJ showing off her shampoo commercial hair and TPTB seem to have forgotten all their season 1 hints that Hotch’s daddy was a violent abuser. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“They’re gone.”

“Are two bottles of Bourbon a normal Monday night?”

“He killed them too did he?”

“Got nothing in common with that drunk.”

“Sounded belligerent and drunk again.”
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