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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Doctor Who’ promo ‘The Crimson Horror’
Diana Rigg. It’s grim up north. This looks good.

‘Tape 407’ (2012) promo
An annoying girl films people on a plane which promptly crashes. There are weird noises and a monster. I may give this found footage movie a try.

‘The Lost Coast Tapes’ (2012) promo
Jerks go to look for Bigfoot. This has a psychic, a nut job, yelling and nostril flaring. I’m not sure.

Best Line:
“Maybe not so unpopulated.”

‘Numb3rs’ promo ‘Friendly Fire’

‘Numb3rs’ promo ‘The Fifth Man’
This ep promised way more angst than it delivered.

‘Dead Man Down’ trailer

There will be no review of ‘Revolution’ 1x07 ‘The Children’s Crusade’

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Our houses are the cheapest. The one next to me’s been on sale forever. I see them lowering the price every morning when I go out to pee.”

“Guess I can’t be your best friend anymore.”
“To be honest. That comes as a tremendous relief.”

“Every CD I have I bought at a car wash. Black and white films make me angry.”

“Your father took you to a Korean Gangster film festival?”

“What’s with the scarf? It’s soaked in neck sweat.”

“Join our milk circle.”

‘Deadlocked’ Quotes:
“I’d told him how I felt about bare-assed relatives.”

“In Bon Temps everybody knows who your people were and who you were connected to.”

“JB’s mind is like an open book with maybe two words per page.”

“Corpse disposal was not one of my talents.”

“No brawling! Not! Any!”

“There’s a dead girl on the front lawn.”

“I knew I wasn’t Eric’s only drinking fountain.”

“Claude has as much personality as a turnip.”

“Hunting deer in the dark with your bare hands was apparently thirsty work.”

“One look at his true face, and they’d run screaming.”

“Don’t you think the son is useless?”
“The half? Yes. At home, we’d eat him.”

“Seen from the outside, did my life truly seem so tawdry?”

“I wanted to see what he loved.”

‘Numb3rs’ Quotes:
“A few years ago Don got shot at a bank robbery that Charlie predicted.”

“You got stabbed. How can you be so calm about it?”
“Well, I mean I survived for one thing.”

“It’s usually Don who has to protect me from myself.”
“He’s been doing that for me my whole life.”

“I wanted to see the face of the man who stabbed my brother.”

“I’ll help you out. I’ll get on my knees.”

“They had a wrestling match about it on the front lawn.”

“Tell him I was a much better friend than he gave me credit for.”
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