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Retro Review: Lexx Season 3, part 1

Watched the first 7 eps of the third season of 'Lexx'. Now this show may have been 'edgy' back in 1999, but viewed in retrospect, it really is poor. I've never seen 'Lexx' season 4 and watching these eps made me glad of that.

Fire and Water
The crew has been in cyrosleep for 4000 years after the apocalyptic final episode of season 2. Now the disabled Lexx orbits the binary planets of Fire and Water. The ruler of Fire; Prince (Nigel Bennett - 'Forever Knight') boards Lexx and brings Xev back to his city where the two have 'moments'. The weaknesses of the season are on full display: bad green screen, Bennett's hammy acting and Xev's latest bad wig. Still the show does have a good instrumental soundtrack.

Kai is on Water and finds a city decimated by an attack from Fire. May is the only survivor. Kai brings her to the Lexx and Stan falls utterly in love with her. But she is dying; Prince shows up and says he will save May if Stan blows up Water. Naturally May is evil and an agent of Prince. Her utterly terrible acting didn't clue Stan in earlier. Stan has grown stupider with each passing season.

Kai visits another city on Water, this one is called Gametown. Kai meets Bunny who is one of the many, many bad actors who populate Gametown.

Xev, Kai, Stan and Bunny visit the Water city of Boomtown where Xev and Stan can have lots of loving (not with each other). After much heavy breathing and gratuitous nudity, Fire destroys Boomtown and the gang have to escape. With a second Kai who is very much alive and wearing a blue dress for some reason.

After much exposition Stan, Xev, Bunny, Kai, Fifi and the second Kai are in a balloon travelling over Fire. After more exposition Kai ends up wandering the desert of Fire, Bunny dies, Fifi is kicked off a building and the second Kai turns out to be Prince in disguise. Also anvils of foreshadowing inform us as to the true nature of Fire and Water but the Lexx crew are to dumb to notice.

Stan and Xev and a damaged Kai are trapped by crazy Fire citizens. Kai has to get completely naked to be fixed, this isn't a pleasant sight. This ep is padding.

In another ep that seems to exist as a placeholder, Kai is off wandering the desert again while Xev, Stan and Prince wander endlessly through tunnels under Fire.
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