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The Last Exorcism part II’ trailer

Bait’ trailer
A robbery, a tsunami, a shark and at least two cast members from ‘Tomorrow When The War Began’. It looks good.

‘Anonymous’ trailer
Shakespeare didn’t write his own plays according to this dire looking movie that declares we’ve all been played. No.

‘Retreat’ trailer
An isolated island, Cillian Murphy broods. And Thandie Newton can’t act, at all.

‘Moonset’ Quotes:
“Our fates had been super-glued together for our entire lives. Especially in situations that involved buzzwords like ‘vandalism of school property,’ ‘suspicious fires,’ and ‘criminal charges.’”

“You were shouting out quotes from Gladiator and trying to tear your shirt off.”

There will be no review of ‘GCB’ 1x08 ‘Pride Comes Before A Fall

There will be no reviews of ‘Moonset’, ’The Folded World’ or ‘Silence’.

Reviews of ‘Precinct 13’, ’Bait’, ’Retreat’, ’Numb3rs’ season 1 and ‘Hunter’s Moon’ forthcoming.

The ‘Star Trek: From History’s Shadow’ cover is out and it looks like a ‘Fringe’ reject.

‘Revolution’ has been renewed. How?!?

Cherry Laffy Taffy = yum.

More quotes from the not so Podunk farming town ‘Jericho’:
“I think he beat up the prom king.”
“Oh yeah, I did.”

“You’ve even got yourself a law degree.”
“Which I plan on using, someday.”

“I hate France.”
“I’m sure they’d be devastated to hear it.”

“The nightmare’s over. Order will be restored.”

“What are they hiding?”
“Whatever it is, they wiped two countries off the map to cover it up.”

“The Modesto Bee, huh?”
“Second largest paper in California now.”

“Is that a joke?”
“I guess not.”

“You guys heard of the Hudson River Virus?”
“Yeah, from the news. They stopped it at the Mississippi.”
“Of course they don’t want a panic. So they won’t let us publish reports that its already jumped the Blue Line.”
“The Blue Line?”
“Yeah, that’s what they call the Mississippi. It’s got UN peacekeepers all up and down it.”

“I think I just declared war on Cheyenne.”

“Beck’s a good man.”
“Yes, he is. But he is taking orders from some very bad people.”

“This is a brand-new building, and this is my new office. In that office is a desk. And on that desk is a folder, the Jennings & Rall corporate dossier for Jake Green.”

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Quotes:
“If I go to a bar and pick up a guy and he picks up a girl and then we all leave together. Did I pick up the girl?”

“How can Red Hulk be worthy?”
“You don’t know his life!”

‘Modern Family’ Quotes:
“It’s like I have a sailor in my mouth.”

“Just keep hitting all those buttons until something good happens.”

“Haley, revive your sister.”

“Tiny pink panther.”

“Everybody who I did not create get out of my house right now.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ Quotes:
“Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. Strength enhanced by Gamma radiation. Upper limit: unknown. Threat level: extreme.”

“I can think of 14 different ways to seal you in that armour forever.”

“What is it with you and Doctor Doom anyway?”

“This reeks of desperation, something he is not known for.”

“Who’s this Doctor Doom?”
“Ah, your standard arch enemy.”

“Because he hates you. A lot. Didn’t he shoot the Baxter building into space once?”
“Yes he did. But he had a reason.”

“He’s the dictator of a sovereign nation. We go in and we’re the invaders.”
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