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The Ice Cream Girls part 2 Reviewed

Flashbacks to 1995 (the year ‘Batman Forever’ came out and it was also when Eric Cantona kung fu kicked a fan during a football match) reveal that Serena was indeed charged alongside Poppy and that she lied on the stand.

In the present; Serena’s mother has no sympathy for Poppy. Neither does Jim, Poppy’s vile stepfather who is nothing more than a life support system for a stomach. Poppy’s mother Liz doesn’t really care and is an awful awful person. So Poppy turns to Al the beach bum/lifeguard and unburdens herself to him. Naturally Al has an ulterior motive. Serena stomps around in tacky wedges.

More 1995 flashbacks reveal that Marcus the perv teacher had a girlfriend Marlene who had a weird face. Also no one seemingly noticed or cared that he was grooming Poppy and Serena, abusing them, having them wear identical dresses and do ‘sexy’ stuff for him. Even when he had them doing this disturbing stuff on the pier in broad daylight. Poppy and Serena sort of bonded due to this ongoing grooming but Serena was still a horrible brat. Marcus beat and abused Serena and she lied about it and was acquitted. How did Poppy get 17 years? Why wasn’t Marlene called to testify?

In the present Serena’s daughter Verity has about as much sense as her mother - which is none. This was okay but Serena is a horrible person, only concerned with her baby oven and has no remorse.

Best Lines:
“Horny old cow.”

“She made me look like a jealous psycho.”

“Maybe they convicted the wrong ice cream girl.”
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