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Book Review: Cat's Eye

Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood
From 1989, Elaine Risley a celebrated painter returns to Toronto and is overwhelmed by memories of her childhood. She remembers growing up post World War 2 and how she was befriended by Carol, Grace and Cordelia. They were her friends, but Cordelia made them her tormentors.

The ferocious bullying Elaine suffered has remained with her forty years and shaped the course of her life. This is very good, showing the toxic side to female friendship and the unending effect of the bullying (though the world bully is never used).

Best Lines:
“Copped up in this provincial deadwater teaching the rudiments to morons.”

“I see words on the front pages of newspapers that never used to be said out loud, much less spoken.”

“As always on these streets, I feel disliked.”
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