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'Thor: The Dark World' , Quotes and 'Revolution' musings

'Thor: The Dark World’ trailer
WTF? Did I see Rory from ‘Doctor Who’? Jane! Loki looks rough. Why does this look so cheap and low rent?

Best Lines:
“You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.”

‘The Following’ 1x14 promo

‘Scary Movie 5’ trailer

‘Arrow’ 1x20 promo

‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ clip 1

‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ clip 2

Best Line:
“We’ll fit! We’ll fit!”

‘The Following’ 1x15 promo

‘Banshee’ promo
Oh hell no.

RIP Chrissy Amphlett

Honey Mustard and Onion pretzel pieces are okay. Two Flavor Mystery Swirl Laffy Taffy is a bit bland. Grape Laffy Taffy is okay.

I have put aside ‘Tempting Fate’ for the moment and am reading ‘Promise of Blood’.

JLS have split. So?

‘Glee’ Quotes:
“I’m sure she’s checked into some ginger asylum somewhere now that she’s escaped from Will Schuester’s living dollhouse of the damned.”

“Let’s hope that she’s embracing her inner bulimic.”

“I would have preferred that to standing at the alter alone with everyone staring at me.”

“Brody is in the shower.”
“Where he will be for the next hour scrubbing the drug shame off of his frictionless body.”

Revolution’ Quotes:
“Short hair, shirt too tight.”

“We’re going to have to kill Monroe. I’m going to have to walk to Philly and kill my best friend.”

‘Promise of Blood’ Quotes:
“The age of kings is dead, Adamat, and I have killed it.”

“Then why are you hiding it behind your back?”
“Waiting for you to turn around so I can have a hit, Sir.”

‘Jericho’ Quotes:
“What’s this black stuff?”
“That used to be Denver.”

“That is 10,000 planes with no place to land.”

“Where were you? I’m assuming jail.”

“I read about this at Black Jack. Mass migration. Hundred, thousands of people heading south. Trying to outrun winter.”

“Have you ever even seen a surgery performed without an electocautery machine? No, you haven’t because it’s not even taught anymore.”

“Six Presidents. I don’t understand. Who’s in charge of the military?”
“You’re assuming there’s only one of those too.”

“I’m waiting for them to explain what happened to the flag.”

“Jennings & Rall just received a crate of these new history textbooks. They want them distributed by the end of the week.”
“And this is a problem?”
“Look at the chapter titles. The section after World War II is called: The Decline and Fall of the First Republic.”

“Where are you going?”
“I gotta burn down a house.”

“God bless you and God bless the Allied States of America.”

I was wondering about ‘Revolution’. Apart from the massive amounts of Miles/Monroe subtext, why is anyone watching this? Miles created his own villain by setting the onetime more moral Monroe on the path to darkness. He doesn’t seem sorry about it. Miles isn’t very bright. How come in 1x01 he didn’t recognise ‘Nate’ as Jason, Captain Tom Neville’s son? What does General Monroe do besides stare blankly at people and out of windows and apply way too much hair product?
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