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Elementary 1x19 + Revenge 1x17 Reviewed

Snow Angels
There’s a storm and a robbery. Where are Holmes’ bees during all this? Ms Hudson shows up, Gregson is the only cop in NY, there is a power cut and obviously fake snow. Holmes tries to hijack a snow plough, a gunshot wound is somehow disguised as a stab wound and Clyde is not hibernating. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“If you intend to defend yourself with that knife, you’re holding it all wrong.”

“Do your employers look kindly on vagrancy?”

“I’ll leave her this time. I swear!”

“What if there are 50 commandos shooting up the place?”

“I reject that analogy.”

Eli and Emily plan revenge on their one time foster mother Meredith. Nolan fawns over Padma. Aiden and Nolan chase a flash drive shaped like a turtle. Aidan bores, Jack bores and there is sap.

Meredith looks like someone you would see outside a kebab shop on a Saturday night trying to rip out someone’s hair extensions. Conrad is crass, Daniel is vile, Nolan wrecks things and Kenny Ryan resurfaces. Eli pulls a fast one and there is a retcon of certain events.

Nolan needs to shut up, Mason smirks and there is a revelation. This was dire. This show has gone downhill and Emily is nothing but a country song at this point.

Best Line:
“No parent will ever want you.”
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